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American Chemical Society
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Department of Chemistry
St. John's University
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Office Administrator

Nichols Medal
Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald

Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald

William H. Nichols Medalist
for 2016

Symposium and Award Dinner
March 4, 2016

"The Development and Applications of Modern Methods in Organic Synthesis"

Nominate a Colleague for the 2017 Nichols Medal

US National Chemistry Olympiad

The New York Local Section is participating in the 2016 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad,
a chemistry competition for high school students.
Teachers please register your students for the exam by February 10, 2016 for the March 5-6, 2016 test dates.

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The New York Section of the American Chemical Society, ACS, will be sponsoring the Annual Chemagination contest for high school chemistry students. This year's theme is:
"What innovation or breakthrough in the field of chemistry will be important in the lives of teenagers 25 years from now?"


Deadline for Submission of an Intent to Participate Form ( MS Word or PDF)
March 20, 2016.

New York Local Section Employment Opportunities

Job seekers, please check out our Employment Opportunities webpage.

Employers, are you looking to reach a highly qualified pool of job applicants in the New York area ? If so, please send your job announcement to us via Email.

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
The Great Indoors - The Home Ecosystem

The New York Section of the American Chemical Society, ACS, will be walking the iconic Brooklyn Bridge
in celebration of Earth Day


The 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium
May 7, 2016
featuring the Keynote address

Stories of Drug Discovery: Discovery of JanuviaTM (Sitagliptin) For Diabetes And Vibegron For Overactive Bladder

presented by

Dr. Scott D. Edmonson
Director of Discovery Chemistry
Merck and Co., Inc.

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Registration now Open

Dr. Edmonson

Calendar of Events

February 2016
11New York Local Section
Exploratory Chemistry Research in US Industry: Case Analysis of DuPont Central Research
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19New York Local Section
Board of Directors Meeting (Electronic)
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24Metrowomen Chemists Committee
Selenocysteine Redox Fundamentals and Biosensing Applications
Dr. Marissa Buzzeo, Department of Chemistry, Barnard College
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26High School Teachers Topical Group
Making Biofuels from the Wind or Rocks
Prof. Scott Banta, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia University
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March 2016
3Chemical Marketing And Economics Group
Distribution: Accelerating Value and Growth in the Next Decade
Speaker: Eryk Fyrwald, President and CEO, UNIVAR
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4New York Local Section
William H. Nichols Distinguished Symposium and Award Banquet
Honoring 2016 Medalist
Prof. Stephen L. Buchwald

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5New York Local Section
US National Chemistry Olympiad
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6New York Local Section
US National Chemistry Olympiad
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9Westchester Chemical Society
Soosairaj Therese, PhD, Bronx Community College
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18High School Teachers Topical Group
A Soupçon of Science: Culinary Pedagogy
Prof. Kent Kirschenbaum and Disan Davis, Department of Chemistry, New York University and Hunter College High School
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18New York Local Section
64th Undergraduate Research Symposium - Abstract Submission Deadline
Registration Website
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Prof. Jacqueline Barton of the California Institute of Technology presented the Fourth Annual Brooklyn Frontiers in Science Public Lecture

Brooklyn Frontiers
Pictured above: Prof. Jacqueline Barton

Prof. Jacqueline Barton, a pioneer in the field fo electron transfer in DNA, present a thought-provoking and entertaining Brooklyn Frontiers in Science Public Lecture on April 3rd, 2014 entitled Signaling through DNA. Over 200 people enjoyed an evening of world-class science.

Message from 2016 Chair
Dr. Alison Hyslop

2016 Board Meeting Dates


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Employers Seeking Talented Employees

The Employment and Professional Relations Committee maintains a roster of candidates who are ACS members seeking a position in the New York metropolitan area. If you have job openings and would like qualified candidates to contact you, please send a brief job description and educational/experience background required to Hessy Taft. Candidates from our roster who meet the requirements you describe will be asked to contact you.

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The New York Section of the ACS is looking to increase and update its Speakers Bureau database of interested local area speakers who are available for Section-wide seminars and symposia. If you have an area of research or interest that would provide an interesting talk appropriate for our Section members, and would like to be included in our Speakers Bureau, then please contact the New York Section Office (516-883-7510, Email) with the following information that will be posted on the Section's website: your name, affiliation, a title, and 5-6 words briefly summarizing your area of specialty. We look forward to hearing from you about topics that you wish to share with our other members!

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