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Dr. Joseph M. Serafin
St. John's University
Department of Chemistry
8000 Utopia Avenue
Queens, NY, 11439
Phone: 718-990-5226

Dr. Justyna Widera
Adelphi University
Department of Chemistry
1 South Avenue
Garden City, NY, 11530

Brian Gibney
Brooklyn College
Department of Chemistry
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11210

Mr. Frank Romano
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Daniel Amarante
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Division of Natural Sciences
6301 Riverdale Avenue
Riverdale, NY, 10471

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American Chemical Society
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St. John's University
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The 2016 William H. Nichols Medal was awarded to Professor Stephen L. Buchwald :

“For landmark contributions to organometallic chemistry, ligand design and catalysis ”

Professor Stephen L. Buchwald
On March 4, 2016, the William H. Nichols Medal Award for 2016 was presented to Professor Stephen L. Buchwald, the Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the Nichols Medal Award Presentation and Dinner held at the Crown Plaza Hotel, White Plains, NY. Dr. Buchwald received the Nichols gold medal for “For His Landmark Contributions in Organometallic Chemistry, Ligand Design, and Catalysis.” In attendance were 290 local industrial chemists, students and faculty members. Forty colleges and universities of the New York Section were represented.

The William H. Nichols Medal Award was established in 1902 by Dr. William H. Nichols to honor a chemical scientist for outstanding original research, and was first awarded in 1903, making it the first award presented by the American Chemical Society. Dr. Nichols, a charter member of the American Chemical Society and its president in 1918 and 1919, maintained a deep commitment to research and development and to the importance of supporting science education and students of chemistry. Since its inception, through an endowment fund, the New York Section administers the award. It has been perpetuated through the support of Dr. Nichols, his family and the Nichols Foundation, Inc.

The Nichols Distinguished Symposium, that preceded the award dinner, was titled “The Development and Applications of Modern Methods in Organic Synthesis.” It featured internationally known speakers: Prof. Timothy F. Jamison (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Prof. M. Christina White (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Dr. Joel C. Barrish (Achilleion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), and Medalist Prof. Buchwald who presented the Award Lecture titled “Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions.” Dr. Brian R. Gibney, 2016 Chair-elect of the New York Section, led the symposium – welcoming the attendees and introducing each speaker. The attendees enjoyed the high quality of the symposium and the networking atmosphere of the award banquet.

At the Nichols Medal Award Dinner, Dr. Alison G. Hyslop, 2016 Chair of the ACS New York Section, welcomed and thanked the guests, introduced the dais and related the History of the Nichols Medal. The Section was very honored to have Dr. Donna J. Nelson, President of the ACS, offer greetings and congratulations from the American Chemical Society. The Section was also happy to have in attendance Dr. Thomas Donnelly, CEO and Executive Director of the ACS. Prof. David W. C. MacMillan of Princeton University offered an interesting and entertaining introduction of his good friend and colleague Prof. Buchwald. Dr. Hyslop then awarded the gold medal, a bronze replica, and $5000 to Dr. Buchwald, who was accompanied by his wife, Susan Haber. Following the ceremony many students eagerly met with the Medalist for conversation and photographs.

Members of the Nichols family also participated in this special event, along with many former chairs of the New York Section and members of the Section’s Board of Directors. On behalf of the ACS and the New York Section, Dr. Brian Gibney presented a P3 Salute to Excellence Plaque to the Nichols Foundation President, Sandra Nichols Nash, to recognize the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to improving the public’s perception of chemistry - through the William H. Nichols Medal Award, the Nichols Teacher Award and the William H. Nichols Fellowship Programs.

At the dinner, the Nichols Research Fellows for 2015, Diego Prado of Hofstra University and Natalie Thulin of Barnard College, were introduced. Their research, during the summer of 2015, was sponsored by the Nichols Foundation, Inc. The William H. Nichols Fellowship Award, first introduced in 2015, supports, annually, two undergraduate students for summer science research in a New York academic institution.

The 2016 Nichols Meeting surely was a grand event enjoyed by many!

1.  Speakers at the Nichols Distinguished Symposium with NY Section Executive Officers. Left to Right: Dr. Alison Hyslop (2016 NY Section Chair), Dr. M. Christina White, Medalist Dr. Stephen Buchwald, Dr. Timothy Jamison, Dr. Joel Barrish, Dr. Brian Gibney (2016 NY Section Chair-elect)


2.  Over 290 attendees enjoyed an excellent Nichols symposium.


3.  Symposium and Banquet Participants enjoyed getting together at a wonderful reception before the Medal Award Dinner.
Chair-elect Dr. Gibney, Dr. White, Dr. Susan Haber (Medalist's wife), Dr. Buchwald, Mrs. Sandra Nichols Nash (President of the Nichols Foundation), Dr. Jamison, Dr. Barrish, Dr. David MacMillan (Medalist’s Introducer). Chair Dr. Hyslop, Dr. Tom Donnelly (ACS Executive Director, and Dr. Peter De Rege (Chair's husband).


4.  The NY Section was honored to have ACS President Donna J. Nelson and ACS Executive Director Thomas L. Connelly, celebrate with them.


5.  Dr. Buchwald and his wife Dr. Susan Haber meet with Nichols Foundation President Sandra Nichols Nash.

Prof. Hyslop

6.  NY ACS Chair Dr. Alison Hyslop welcomed and thanked the guests at the Nichols Medal award Dinner, after which she read the History of the Nichols Medal.


7.  Chair-elect Dr. Brian Gibney presented Sandra Nash of the Nichols Family Foundation a P3 (Partners for Progress & Prosperity) Salute to Excellence award to recognize the Nichols Foundation's century long partnership with the ACS and New York Section and their unwavering commitment to improving the public's perception of chemistry.


8.  Forty New York Section colleges and universities sent students to experience the William H. Nichols Symposium and Medal Award Dinner. Pictured here are students from St. John's University.


9.  Dr. David MacMillian offered an entertaining introduction of his friend and colleague Dr. Buchwald.


10.  Dr. Hyslop presented the gold medal to Dr. Buchwald for his “Landmark Contributions in Organometallic Chemistry, Ligand Design, and Catalysis.”


11.  Dr. Buchwald celebrates with his wife, Susan.


12.  Medalist happily posed for photographs with students and faculty – here with Queensborough Community College.


13.  National Siemens Competition Finalists, Christine Yoo and Kimberley Te, from Manhassett High School, along with their families and Mentor, were honored guests of the New York Section at the Nichols Symposium and Dinner.

Nichols Fellows

14.  Natalie Thulin of Barnard College, pictured, along with Diego Prado of Hofstra University, were honored guests of the New York Section. They were awarded the Nichols Fellows Research award for 2015. Their summer research was supported by the Nichols Foundation, Inc. They will present their work at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in May 2016.

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