Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn

The New York Section, 2007 Nichols Foundation High School Chemistry Teacher Awardee is Stephen Radice.

Stephen received his BA from Brooklyn College with a major in chemistry  and his Masters in Science Education from the College of Staten Island.  Stephen has New York State Permanent Certification in Chemistry; New York City Certification in Chemistry and General Science and New Jersey Teacher of Science.

Stephen is presently teaching at Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, a school of approximately 3900 students in grades 9-12, where 62% of the population is non-white.  Prior to this, he taught at New Utrecht High School.

His teaching load has included Chemistry Laboratory for the Hearing Impaired, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Regents Chemistry,  Topics in Chemistry, Active Physics, Various Special Education Laboratories including Earth Science and Living Environment.

Stephen uses unique techniques to captive the interest of his students.  He wears appropriate attire for teaching, ex. Periodic Table shirts and ties; Mole Day shirt; Einstein shirt and tie.
He also has a knack to use words; ex. Mole Day ? October 23- becomes a Mole-a-bration.

Demonstrations are also incorporated in his teaching, as well as, brain teasers.  He incorporates motion picture clips, for example, when teaching Boyle’s Law. Stephen uses “”Men of Honor”. In it a character is asked “Why is Boyle’s Law important to a Navy Diver?”  The question is then asked of the class and various answers are elicited.  Another clip is then shown to the students for the final answer.
He has a web page where students can get copies of review sheets and links to other sites, as well as, an e-mail available for correspondence and/or questions from his students.
After topics are taught, students work in groups to create concept maps.

Interestingly, when Stephen is teaching alkanes, he asks students to count from 1-10 in different languages.  His point is that students must learn the Language of Chemistry.

To challenge and inspire his students, Stephen takes his students to hear lectures by Nobel Laureates; students go to Polytechnic University to do laboratory experiments; or a trip to the Museum of Natural History to visit the Hall of Minerals and Gems and the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

Extra curricula work involves preparation for the Chemistry Olympiad Competition and Advanced Chemistry Test preparation.

Stephen is also involved with science organizations; co-authored the Brooklyn High School Chemistry Curriculum in 2002; and works with Fischer Science Education.

One of Stephen Radice’s former students writes: “ Yesterday, the phone rang and I was so  excited to hear the familiar, laughing voice!  After  happy greetings and catching up, I learned the Mr. Radice was applying for the Nichols Foundation HS Chemistry Teacher Award. …He truly personifies both the science of chemistry and the talent of a teacher.”  The student is Sofia Shapiro, a pediatrician pursing a fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

Traci Frey, Assistant Principal- Science Department of Edward R. Murrow High School writes: “Since 1988, he has inspired both students and colleagues alike to reach their potential.  As a mentor to new teacher, he has guided his interns in such areas as lesson planning, student engagement and classroom management.  He will represent your foundation proudly, as he does Edward R. Murrow High School.”