ACS New York Section


2008 Annual Report

 John Halpin passed the treasurer position to Jill Rehmann in June 2008, but we have been unable to formally register the transfer with the bank. Currently the section has no other officers but plans for more activity are under discussion.

Jill Rehmann supervised the placement of 2 SEED II students with Dr. Richard Gross of NYU Polytechnic and Dr. Maria Contel of Brooklyn College and 1 SEED one student with Dr. Alec Greer of Brooklyn College.

 The Brooklyn Subsection held 2 events this year as described below:

1. Research Poster Session XIV

The Annual Poster Session for High School Students took place on Sunday, October 19th at St. Joseph’s College. There were 51 posters presented in this year’s event representing an increase in participation over last year’s event, where 43 students presented. Students from 8 highs schools in the areas attended. Members of the Section members who served as judges included Jeonghee Kang, Kone Moriamou, Margaret Mandziuk,  and Mary Maier. Nadia Makar assisted by bringing student competitors to the event and distributing of the ACS New York Section certificates.

Two first place posters and two second place posters were honored and the presenters received a certificate and a cash prize. Seven addition students were presented with honorable mention certificates. The winners were:

First Place

Jesse Flores, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
Hoa Pham, High Tech High School

Second Place
Chand Shah, High Tech High School
Peter A. Michael, Union Hill High School

Honorable Mention
Luis Jose Mendez, Union Hill High School
Elaine Gomez, Union Hill High School
Kevin Chen, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics
Santo Abraham, Midwood High School
Sam Sirotnikov, James Madison High School
Shadman Torofder, James Madison High School
Tolulope Oladele, Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics

Jin Montclare, Ph.D., of NYU Polytechnic University presented the address entitled Designing Artificial Proteins as Therapeutics and Tissue Scaffolds.  Dr. Montclare presented research exploring the tolerance of biosynthetic and evolutionary pathways to the presence of new chemical substrates not provided by nature with the specific aim of designing novel biocatalysts and polymeric materials relevant to industry and medicine. The research blends the tools of chemistry, engineering, biology and materials science offering an example of how modern science is becoming increasingly interdisaplinary.


We would like to acknowledge those who worked to make this event a success:

We are grateful to our judges:
Mary Maier, Ph.D.               Kone Morimou, Ph.D.
Charanjeet Jassal, M.S.         Duane Singh, B.S.
Poonam Jassal, B.S.             Ann Pavia, B.A.
Jeonghee Kang, Ph.D.          Kailin Cheng     
Margaret Mandziuk, Ph.D.    Linda Cangieter, B.A.
Edwin Lazo                         Evelyn Ho
Saima Jalil                            
Chad Crossman
Elizabeth Mickey

Chairperson: Jill K. Rehmann, Ph.D.

2. The Twenty-Second Annual NCW Brooklyn High School Day

The Twenty-Second Annual NCW Brooklyn High School Day was held at Brooklyn College on October 23th, involving approximately 250 high school students, chemistry student affiliates and faculty . The program included chemical demonstrations, a tour of the laboratories, an awards program, refreshments and the Twenty-fourth Annual H. Martin Friedman Lecture featuring MIT Chemistry Professor Daniel Nocera. His address entitled "Powering the Planet with Artificial Photosynthesis”, offered an inspiring vision of our energy future and the important role that chemists will play in meeting the world’s energy and environmental challenges. Our thanks to the faculty organizers at Brooklyn College including Dr. Roberto Sanchez-Delgado, Dr. Terry Dowd, Dr. Laura Juszczak, and Chairperson, and department chair Dr. James Howell.

Prepared by:
Jill Rehmann, Ph.D.
Department of Physical Science
St. Joseph's College
245 Clinton Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11205