ACS New York Section

Bylaws Standing Committee

2008 Annual Report

Neil Jespersen, Chair
Donald Clarke
Anne O'Brien

The Bylaws Committee is commencing a project to update the New York Section bylaws.  There are several issues that must be considered.  They are:

1.  How to change the bylaws in order to run elections using electronic media.  Our major costs are the printing and mailing of the ballots and information materials.  This costs about $2500 each year.  If the ACS regulations require mailed material, our savings will be minimal.  Indeed, if we need to hire an outside firm to run the electronic ballot, our coats may increase.  However, we will be asking the Constitution and Bylaws Committee to give us language that will allow many options.

2.  Now that the elevation of student affiliates to student members seems imminent, this committee will seek advice from C&B as to the appropriate rewording of our bylaws.  We will need to decide what offices students may hold and/or vote for.

3.  We are seeking in our letter to C&B any additional items that need to be addressed in our current bylaws.

Note that the contact information for the committee members is in our current roster.

Respectfully submitted,

Neil Jespersen.
Bylaws Committee Chair