ACS New York Section

Chemical Marketing & Economics Topical Discussion Group

2008 Annual Report

The mission of this topical group is to inform members and guests of economic and marketing issues of timely interest to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  The Group had 9 monthly luncheon meetings that took place on the first Thursday of each month.  They were very well attended.  The invited speaker gave a 45 minutes presentation, which was followed by a question and answer period.  Luncheon and the presentation are preceded by an informal social hour for networking and renewing and/or maintaining professional contacts.  The luncheon meetings are held at The Chemists' Club in New York City.  A plaque acknowledging the contributions of the speaker is presented at each meeting.  The Chemical Marketing and Economics Group kept the section members updated in the area of research and industrial activities.

Since 2006, the CM&E Group and the Metro New York Section of the AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) have sponsored full-day conferences on Energy & Resources. The 2008 event was held on Thursday, December 4th at the Con Edison Building, and was a great success.  This year's theme for the Third Annual Energy & Resources Conference:  Water: The Next "Oil".

As the result of the financial success of the December conference and the CM&E's strong financial position, we have pledged  funds to the ACS Scholars Program for a minority student at Columbia University.



2008 Water Conference – Water: The Next “Oil” (Third Annual Energy & Resources Conference) Co-sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Metro New York Section (86 attendees)

“Improved Crop Yields to Feed the World”  Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Bryant, Director of BASF North American Plant Science Business (23)

“Brookhaven National Laboratory: Research & Industrial Collaboration”  Speakers: Dr. J. Patrick Looney, Director of Policy & Strategic Planning, and Dorene M. Price, Senior Patent Attorney, Office of Intellectual Property and Sponsored Research, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Brookhaven, NY (15)

“Clean, Green & Sustainable: Where is the Business”  Speaker: Faruq Marikar, Managing Partner, Nanobiz, LLC (33)

"Pharma Strategic and M&A Trends: Where We Are Now and Where are We Headed?"   Speaker: Peter Young, President of Young & Partners (24)

Entrepreneurship – SCHB Workshop and Panel Discussion (Co-Sponsorship of Small Chemical Businesses Div.'s program at the ACS's Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, Bayside, NY)    (12)

"Bio-Nanotechnology: A Novel Foundation for Personalized Medicine"    Speaker: Dr. Derhsing Lai, President, Vincogen Corp.    (21)

“Dow and the Entrepreneurial Spirit" (Co-Sponsorship of Chemists' Club’s March Meeting)   Speaker: Heinz Haller, EVP, Performance Plastics & Chemicals, Dow Chemical Co. (50+)

"Technology Changes in the Fine Chemical and API Sectors"   Speaker: James R. Bruno, Director, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions (21)

"The 2008 Economic Outlook and the Impact of Globalization on the U.S. Chemical Industry"   Speaker: Dr. T. Kevin Swift, Senior Director-Policy, Economics & Risk Analysis, American Chemistry Council (38)