ACS New York Section

Indicator Advisory Standing Committee

2008 Annual Report


Neil Jespersen, Chair
Stephen Goldberg
Marc Walters

The Indicator Committee is in charge of the following:

1.    Oversite of the publication of our newsletter, the INDICATOR.

2.    Maintaining relations with the North Jersey Section in this joint venture to the betterment of our communication with members.

In regards to the first responsibility, this committee meets each January with our North Jersey counterparts and with the advertising manager, Vince Gale and the editor of the indicator.  We have switched editors this past summer.  Ms Linda Atkins was hired to replace Mal Sturchio.  We reviewed the operation of the Indicator.  The committee provided suggestions for improvement and also increasing advertising revenue.   The falling income has become a serious problem for the indicator.  

In regards to the second item, we have ready access to our North Jersey counterparts and have very good relations with them.  North Jersey is starting to go to an electronic version of the Indicator the way that the New York Section did about five years ago.  The New York Section is trying to be as much a help to North jersey as possible in their efforts.

Note that the contact information for the committee members is in the NY Section roster.