ACS New York Section

Membership Committee

2008 Annual Report

Committee Members for 2008:

Neil Jespersen, Chair

Chairs of Subsections

Jill Rehmann
Sorin Diaconesu
         David Sarno        
    Wendy DeProphetis
 Jean Delfiner
 Joan Laredo-Liddell

The Membership Committee is in charge of the following:

1.    Welcoming and acclimating new members to the New York Section

2.    Attempting to increase the membership of the New York Section.

To work on the first item, the committee e-mails new members as they join the section and sends a welcoming letter.  This letter describes our section and invites new members to get involved.

For the second item, the committee has several activities.  We provide membership forms for all large events such as the Section-Wide conference and the Nichols Symposium.  We provide membership forms to colleges for their graduating seniors.  We provide membership forms to the NY-ACS booth at the Eastern Analytical Symposium.  All in all, we give out about 750 member application forms.

Respectfully submitted,

Neil Jespersen.
Membership Committee Chair