ACS New York Section

Metrowomen Chemists Topical Group

2008 Annual Report

Women Chemists Luncheon at the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting

The Metro Women Chemists Committee helped plan and cosponsor the WCC luncheon during MARM 2008 that was held on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm at Queensborough Community College.  Hiroko Karan and Nancy Tooney (MWCC) were the organizers of the event.  The other cosponsors were the Metro Women Chemists Topical Group of the North Jersey ACS Section, Metropolitan New York Chapter of the Association for Women in Science, and ACS Women Chemists Committee.  The luncheon speaker was Jodi Wesemann from the national ACS Department of Higher Education.  She gave aa talk on “Fostering Access, Success, and Excellence.”  The program was well received and 50 – 60 people were in attendance.

In July 2008, Nancy Tooney, the 2007 chair of MWCC, met with Margaret Mandziuk and Elise Megehee to pass the chairmanship.  During this meeting we began an ongoing dialog on possible upcoming events and how to get the MWCC revitalized.  

In October 2008, the MWCC met via telephone conference to generate and submit the request for budget allocation for 2009.  At this meeting we determined the following goals for 2009 and means to achieve them:

Hiroko Karan, Nancy Tooney, Jodi Wesemann, Joan Laredo-Liddell, Margaret Mandziuk


1. To promote and increase the participation of female speakers at symposia and large meetings organized in the Metro-area.
MWCC will co-sponsor meetings with female speakers and offer to defray the cost of travel expenses of female participants.

2. To help young female chemists, postdocs and graduate students, to become familiar with their career options.
MWCC will co-organize a meeting (with the New Jersey Women Chemists Committee and the Young Chemists Committee) with speakers familiar with various career options and the current demand for specialists in chemistry.  The talks will be followed by an informal reception that will provide the participants with networking opportunities.

3. To promote professional excellence by female scientists and engineers.
MWCC will work with AWIS and NJWCC to reinstate the annual Outstanding Women Scientist Award Ceremony.

November 1st Conference at St. John's University

On November 1, 2008, the Metro Women Chemists Committee, along with the Continuing Education Committee of the New York section, co-sponsored the “Photochemistry and Photophysics: Harnessing Light to Do Our Work” conference, held at St. John’s University.  The MWCC co-sponsorship was in the form of the travel support for the female speaker, Dr. Claudia Turro from Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), who presented the talk ”Accessing Excited States of Metal Complexes with Visible and near-IR Light: Potential Applications in Diagnostics, Photodynamic Therapy, and Switching”.   The successful meeting was attended by 52 people.  

From left to right:
Katherine Alejo (student ACS moderator), Anthony Tedaldi (student ACS moderator), Jack Preses (speaker),
Elise G. Megehee (program organizer and co-chair of MWCC), Richard Eisenberg (speaker), Stephan Bernhard (speaker), and Claudia Turro (speaker)

From left to right:  Margaret Mandziuk (co-chair of MWCC), Claudia Turro (speaker), and
Elise G. Megehee (program organizer and co-chair of MWCC),

Booklet for the November 1st Conference