ACS New York Section

Employment & Professional Relations Committee

2008 Annual Report

Hessy L. Taft, Chair
John Morelli
Frank Romano
     Activities for this Committee consist primarily of email exchanges regarding interest for a position by job-seeking candidates and the availability of jobs in industry and/or academia.  Requests for job seekers have been received primarily from the late spring through early fall in the fields of environmental health, polymers and biomaterials, analytical and quality management.  One job seeker was a retired chemist from the pharmaceutical industry who wanted to find a position teaching chemistry. The only job posting was for a sales position, but no seekers responded.

     At the request of the Board of the ACS NY Section, I contacted Linda Atkins, managing editor of the Indicator.  She was receptive to my suggestion that a permanent announcement be published in the Indicator encouraging Human Resources Departments in Industry and Academia to contact me to post their job openings with the Employment and Professional Relations Committee electronic roster.  I submitted wording for such an announcement on Nov 19, 2008: but, to date, have not seen any such announcement in the Indicator.  I shall follow up to see what further steps are needed.