50 & 60 Year New York ACS Members Luncheon
submitted by
Dr. Ralph Stephani
A luncheon in honor of the 50 and 60 year ACS members was held on May 28, 2009 at Petrossianís Restaurant, in Manhattan.  Dr. Barbara Hillery, 2009 Chair of the New York Section, presented the honorees with beautiful certificates sent from the American Chemical Society.  The attendees enjoyed sharing their experiences in the field of chemistry.  A summery of the luncheon follows:
                                   60-Year Member      50-Year Member        Totals
Invited                                 18                           30                         48
Responded                            9*                          18                         27
Accepted                              1                              9                         10
Spouses                                0                              1                          1
Total 50& 60 year attendees                                                           11
Invited NYACS officers                                                                   4
Grand Total                                                                                  15
Total cost             $783.00
Members of the NY Section Board were asked to assist with transportation.
The menu had a nice touch to it by placing the ACS logo on the cover
Recommendation for future luncheons is to follow up the written invitations by telephone calls at some later date or perhaps have it at a different date, June or April
Individual and group photos were taken and published in The Indicator.  A great time was had by all!