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The Brooklyn Subsection held two organizational meetings at Polytechnic University this year to rejuvenate activities in 2010. During the first meeting on October 7th attended by Dr. Eli Pearce, Dr. Bruce Garetz (NYU-Poly), Theresa Cea (Kraft-0retired) and Jill Rehmann (St. Joseph’s College), plans were made to invite chemists from area colleges, universities and high schools to discuss how the section might be revitalized. Representatives from several institutions were contacted and asked to join the group on November 13th for a second meeting.  During this second meeting several proposals for future activities were proposed and the group decided to host an evening event featuring a distinguished speaker at Polytechnic University in April of 2010.
Signature privileges for the funds of the Brooklyn subsection were officially transferred from John Halpin, the former treasurer, to Jill Rehmann (Treasurer) and Brian Gibney (Subsection Chair) in November.  A report has been forwarded to the NY Section Treasurer.
1. Research Poster Session XV
This annual poster session for high school students took place on Sunday, October 18th at St. Joseph’s College.  This is event is in collaboration with the Chemical Education Committee of the New York Section.  There were 32 posters presented in this year’s event.  Students from 5 highs schools in the areas attended.  Members of the Section who served as judges included Corinne Gamper, Jeonghee Kang, Theresa Cea  and Mary Maier.  Nadia Makar assisted by bringing student competitors to the event and distributing the ACS New York Section certificates.
Zhaohua Dai, Ph.D., of the Pace University Chemistry Department, presented the keynote address related to synthesis and application of ligands for metal ions that can be used as chemical sensors.  His address was entitled “ Sensor Research and Forensic Science”.  In his talk he also shared his experiences in research and encouraged the students to pursue theirs.
We would like to thank those who worked to make this event a success:
We are grateful to our judges
Mary Maier, Ph.D.,   Kone Morimou, Ph.D.,  Charanjeet Jassal, M.S.,  Jeonghee Kang, Ph.D.,  Duane Singh, B.S.,  Theresa Cea, M.S.,  Ann Pavia, B.A.,  Corinne Gamper, M.S.,  Yen Phuong, M.S.,  Saima Jalil,  Jessica Dangboonrueng,  Khaing Win
2. The Twenty-Third Annual NCW Brooklyn High School Day
The Twenty-Third Annual NCW Brooklyn High School Day was held at Brooklyn College on October 22nd, involving approximately 150 high school students, chemistry student affiliates and faculty.  The program included chemical demonstrations, a tour of the laboratories, an awards program, refreshments and the Twenty-Fifth Annual H. Martin Friedman Lecture featuring Columbia University Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics & Microbiology Professor Maxwell E. Gottesman.  His address entitled the The Beautiful Life of a Simple Virus outlined the study of the simple bacterial virus lamba and how the three major biosynthetic pathways ? transcription, translation, and DNA Replication ? are linked.  Our thanks to the faculty organizers at Brooklyn College including Dr. Roberto Sanchez-Delgado, Dr. Terry Dowd, Dr. Laura Juszczak, and Chairperson Dr. James Howell.


Prepared by:
Jill Rehmann, Ph.D.
Department of Physical Science
St. Joseph's College
245 Clinton Ave
Brooklyn, NY  11205