submitted by
Dr. Neil Jespersen

Committee Members:
Neil Jespersen, Chair
Stephen Goldberg
Barbara Hillery

The INDICATOR, the newsletter shared by the New York and North Jersey Sections, was still experiencing significant financial difficulties last year.  The North Jersey Section decided to follow the New York Section lead in going to an electronic copy of the INDICATOR.   The INDICATOR can be found at
The committee organized a series of articles to the INDICATOR to welcome undergraduate students as full members to the ACS.
The committee chair supplied the editor with monthly lists of people who should receive a hardcopy of the indicator.  For the December issue of the INDICATOR, there were 502 people who have no e-mail address listed with the ACS and 366 who do have e-mail addresses who have requested hardcopy mailings anyway.
In 2010 it will be decided whether or not to continue any hardcopy mailings.
A process for maintaining a hardcopy archive has been discussed.