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The Long Island subsection held monthly meetings and seminars in the spring and fall, plus its annual Chemistry Challenge, Sterrett Symposium and annual Long Island ACS High School Awards.
 LI-ACS post cards were mailed to the area chemists before spring and fall semesters.  The post card included the information of the seminar series and other events.
About 800 post cards were distributed each time.  Photos are at the end of report


January 29, 2009
Location: Hofstra University
10 attendees

February 26, 2009
Location: SUNY Old Westbury
9 attendees

March 19, 2009
Location: SUNY Old Westbury
9 attendees

April 30, 2009
Location: SUNY Old Westbury
9 attendees

September 24, 2009
Location: SUNY Old Westbury
9 attendees

October 29, 2009
Location: SUNY Old Westbury
10 attendees

November 19, 2009
Location: SUNY Old Westbury
9 attendees

December 3, 2009
Board Election and Holiday Party
Location: Nassau Community College
9 attendees


February 5, 2009
Location: Hofstra University
Speaker: Dr. Spiro Alexandratos (Hunter College)
Topic: The Earth in Crisis: Poluution of Water in the Biosphere-Current Status and Steps Toward Renewal
53 attendees

March 5, 2009
Location: Hofstra University
Speaker: Dr. Barbara D. Paul  (US FDA Northeast regional lab)
Topic: Using Chemical Concepts in Microbiological Identification and Characterization
 52 attendees

April 2, 2009
Location: Hofstra University
Speaker: Dr. Stanislaus S. Wong (SUNY Stony Brook)
Topic: Green Nanostructure Synthesis
 44 attendees

September 3, 2009
Location: Hofstra University
Speaker: Dr. Gina Florio (St. John's University)
Topic: Understanding Molecular Self-Assembly using STM and Theory: Structural, Energetic, and Electronic Properties of Monolayer Films
 63 attendees

October 1, 2009
Location: Hofstra University
Speaker: Dr. Morris Paul (US FDA Northeast regional lab)
Topic: Chemistry in the Service of Microbiology
 61 attendees

November 5, 2009
Location: Hofstra University
Speaker: Dr. Clive Wynter (Nassau Community College)
Topic: Mossbauer Spectroscopy of 161Dy Dicarboxylates
48 attendees

December 3, 2009
Location: Nassau Community College
Speaker: Dr. Alfredo Mellace (Nassau Community College)
Topic: Ancient Science and Technology
 82 attendees

In addition to the seminar, there were board election, a buffet dinner and holiday party with some prizes.

Seven Merck Index were given as the prizes to 5 students and 2 faculties.
LI-ACS Chemistry Challenge
April 24, 2009 at Queensborough Community College
This "quiz-show"competition featured sixteen teams (3 students each) answering 30 multiple-choice questions from General and Organic Chemistry. Hofstra University team 1 won the event and received gold medals. The 2nd place went to Adelphi team 1 and the 3rd place was shared by Adelphi University team 4 and St. John's University team 2.  The 2nd and 3rd place teams were awarded silver and bronze medals. All participants received Barnes and Noble gift certificates through a sponsorship arranged by Eugene Brown of NCC.  Special events are considered for next year which is the 10th anniversary of the competition.     63 attendees


First Place (Hofstra University)                                   Second Place (Adelphi University)


Third Place (Adelphi University)                                         Third Place (St. John's University)


Frances Sterrett Environment Symposium
The symposium was co-sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Metro NY section.
May 21, 2009 at Hofstra University
"Reducing Out Ecological Footprint"
"RGGI: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative"
Peter Iwanowicz, Global Warming Director, NYS DEC
"A Case Study on Sustainability"
Thomas Goldsmith, Director of Energy and Environmental Conservation, St. John's University
"An Overview of Inherently Safer Design"
Dennis Hendershot, Staff Consultant, Center for Chemical Process Safety
 "IST: Inherently Safer Technologies"
David A. Moore, CEO, AcuTech Consulting Group
"Living Off the Grid"
James Bouler, Bouler Design Group
LI-ACS High School Awards
 June 9, 2009 at St. John's University
LI-ACS High School Award, sponsored by the Long Island subsection of the NY-ACS and organized by the Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Ralph Stephani, was held on June 9, 2009 at St. John's University.  Awards were presented to students receiving the highest mark in chemistry from Suffolk, Nassau and Queens high schools.  Twenty six students were nominated, but 13 students actually attended.   Each of 13 students was presented with a plaque by the Chair of the Long Island Subsection.  The ceremony was opened by the ACS New York Section Chair, Dr. Barbara Hillery, and featured a seminar by Dr. Denton Ebel of the American Museum of Natural History who spoke about meteorites and their formation and properties.  OSI Pharmaceuticals who sponsored the event in 2007 and 2008 couldn't support the event this year.    55 attendees