submitted by
Dr. Neil Jespersen
Committee Members:
Neil Jespersen, Chair
Subsection Chairs for 2009
Jill Rehmann
Ish Kumar
Jun Shin
Wendy DeProphetis Driscoll
Joseph Sencen
The membership committee maintained its efforts in keeping members informed and interested in section and subsection events.  Activities of the committee includes:
1. Communicating with members about subsection events.  This includes innovative hardcopy methods that involve bulk mailing of postcard meeting announcements.  These were found to be highly effective.
2. Somehat intermittant reminders about the availablity of the INDICATOR  online.
3. Reminding new members about how the section works and the online INDICATOR.
4. The committee assisted the continuing education committee in hosting a leadership event on communication.
5. The committee tested and used a new e-mail system that allows us to personalize e-mail messages.  These appear to receive much more attention than just regular e-mail blasts.