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Dr. Ronald P. D'Amelia, Chairperson
The Councilor Coordinating Committee (C3) consists of all Certified Councilors and Alternate Councilors for 2009.
There were two National ACS meetings held this year: one was held in Salt Lake City UT March 22-26, 2009 and the other was held in Washington DC August 16-20, 2009.
General Information:
The “Councilor Corner” link on the NY section web page contains all the important Councilor activities from both ACS national meetings held in CY 09. The “Councilor Corner” also has an article written by Dr. Ronald P. D’Amelia which appeared in the NY Indicator outlining the functions of the National ACS Committee on Community Activities (CCA).
Summary of Activities for the Salt Lake City Meeting:
The New York section had all of its councilors attend the Salt Lake City ACS national meeting. All councilors attended the District 1 Caucus held on Tuesday March 24th at the Grand America hotel Riviera room. The council meeting was held on Wednesday March 25th at the Grand America hotel Grand Ballroom. All councilors attended the council meeting. In addition, many of our representatives attended the Local section Officers and Tour Speakers reception held on Tues afternoon. The ACS council dealt with several major issues important to all ACS members.  The meeting hosted 10,668 participants  The council received extensive briefings on the Society’s finances which showed that in spite of the economic challenges, the Society’s operating performance held up well. The Council voted to set member dues for 2010 at the fully escalated rate of $145. A special discussion item was again put on the Council agenda. President Lane invited the Chair of the Committee on Membership Affairs to present the results of a Councilor survey as a preface to the discussion on what can ACS do to attract new members while better serving our current members.
Dr. Anne O'Brien as District I director held her fifteen District I caucus. The agenda included the current council agenda items and any other issues within the region.
Dr. Donald Clarke gave a report on the Nominations and Elections committee. The movement to have national help with electronic voting has gain support in spite of decrease in funds.
Jean Delfiner reported on the Chemical Health and Safety Committee. The committee brought up the need for K-12 safety and working with NCW to update safety guidelines.
Joan Laredo-Liddell reported on her activities on the SOCED committee and the development of High School Chemistry Clubs.
Dr.Hiroko Karan gave a report from the Minority Affairs committee. There are lots of minority awards but few individuals are being nominated for them.
Summary of Activities from the Washington DC Meeting:
The New York section had all of its councilors at the Washington DC ACS national meeting.  The council meeting took place on August 19th at the JW Marriott hotel Grand Ballroom. The District I caucus took place on Tuesday August 18th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm in the Capitol room of the JW Marriott hotel.  All Councilors attended the ChemLuminary awards ceremony on Tuesday Aug 18th held at the Capitol Hilton Presidential ballroom. The New York section won ChemLuminary awards for : Outstanding High School Student Programs and the ACS Student Chapter Interaction Award.  As is standard at fall national meetings, the council elected some members to the Committee on Committees (CONC), the Council Policy Committee and the Committee on Nominations and Elections for 2009-11.  Neil Jespersen was ineligible for reelection to CONC because he has served his full tenure. However, Neil Jespersen has been elected as Director of District I for 2010 ? 2012 replacing Anne O’Brien. The candidates for President Elect for 2010 were announced as well as Directors-at-Large. The Council received two amendments to the ACS Constitution and Bylaws for action: The Petition on Candidate selection by Member Petition and the Petition on Election timelines and Procedures. The first petition failed. The second petition was recommitted back to committee. Total attendance for the Washington meeting was 14, 319 registrants.
Joan Laredo-Liddell reported on the activities of the Society Committee on Education (SOCED). Jean Delfiner reported on her activities of the Chemists with Disabilities Committee. Dr. Donald Clarke reported on the activities of the Senior Chemists Task Force.
Dr. Ronald P. D’Amelia reported on attendance at the  US National Chemistry Olympiad subcommittee meeting honoring those sections who have participated in 25 years of the US National Chemistry Olympiad. The New York section was one of the recipients of this recognition.
Dr. Ronald P. D’Amelia also reported on his activities on the Committee of Community Activities (CCA). As a member of CCA he attended an ACS outreach event for children in the Wash DC area. The event was “Celebrating the Elements” and featured hands-on activities that highlighted the elements of the periodic table and art in honor of the 2009 National Chemistry week celebration.  As part of the Program Development and Promotion subcommittee (PDP) guidance was developed for National Chemistry week for 2010 and for 2011 which will be the International Year of Chemistry (IYC)
This is my twelfth year as Chairperson of the Councilors Coordinating Committee and I am pleased to report that the committee as usual did an outstanding job this year.