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The 2019 William H. Nichols Medal was awarded to Dr. Vicki Grassian :

“For Outstanding Contributions to Interfacial Environmental Chemistry”

Dr. Vicki Grassian
On April 12, Dr. Vicki Grassian of the University of California, San Diego, received the ACS, New York Section’s William H. Nichols Medal Award for 2019. The symposium and banquet in her honor took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, NY. Dr. Grassian received the Nichols gold Medal “For Outstanding Contributions to Interfacial Environmental Chemistry.” Over two hundred chemists and guests attended the day’s events.

The William H. Nichols Distinguished Symposium, that preceded the award dinner, was titled “Interfacial and Multiphase Chemistry Relevant to the Environment.” The attendees enjoyed excellent talks by the following internationally known speakers: Dr. Angela Goodman (National Energy Technology Laboratory), Dr. Sarah Larsen (University of Houston), Dr. Veronica Vaida (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Dr. Grassian who presented the Award Lecture titled “Physical Chemistry of Environmental Interfaces.” Dr. Ruben Savizky, Chair-elect of the New York Section for 2019, superbly conducted the symposium.

Dr. Justyna Widera-Kalinowska, 2019 Chair of the ACS New York Section, welcomed the dinner guests and recounted the story of Dr. William H. Nichols and the history of the Nichols Medal. The American Chemical Society’s Division 1 Director, Dr. Katherine Lee, brought greetings and congratulations from the members of the ACS. Dr. Sarah Larsen, Dr. Grassian’s colleague and friend for over 20 years, gave a delightful introduction of this year’s medalist. Dr. Grassian is the fourth woman to receive the Nichols medal. NY ACS Chair Dr. Widera-Kalinowska then awarded the gold medal, identical bronze medal and an honorarium to Dr. Grassian. Following the dinner, the Medalist and speakers happily met with students, signed their dinner booklets and posed for photos with the students – to conclude another successful and truly enjoyable Nichols Medal event.

Many members of the Nichols family also enjoyed this special event. The New York Section was honored to have as guests: Mrs. Helga Nichols (wife of the late C. Walter Nichols, III), Mrs. Sandra Nash and Mrs. Hope Prockop (great, great granddaughters of Dr. William Nichols), Mr. Wally Nichols Jr. (great, great grandson), Whitney Nash, Gardner Nash, Molly Prockop and Hattie Nichols (great, great, great grandchildren of Dr. Nichols). It is exciting and truly a great pleasure to have the Nichols family members present at the presentation of the Nichols Medal as a continuation of the Dr. William H. Nichols legacy.

On a sad note, Mr. C. Walter Nichols III (Wally) passed away on January 13, 2019. Wally was a dedicated and passionate supporter of the New York Section and its Nichols Medal Award. He attended numerous award presentations and many looked forward to seeing him there each year. He is truly missed and will always be remembered for his smile, humor and camaraderie. At the Nichols Award dinner, a special proclamation from the American Chemical Society, honoring Mr. Nichols, was read by Dr. Katherine Lee and greatly appreciated. Dr. Neil Jespersen delivered a memorial speech honoring Wally Nichols.

The Nichols Medal Award was established in 1902 by Dr. William H. Nichols to honor a chemical scientist for outstanding original research and was first awarded in 1903. Dr. Nichols, a charter member of the American Chemical Society and its president in 1918 and 1919, maintained a deep commitment to research and development and to the importance of supporting science education and students of chemistry. Since its inception, through an endowment fund, the New York Section administers the award. It has been perpetuated by the generosity of Dr. Nichols, his family and the Nichols Foundation, Inc. The William H. Nichols Medal is the first award in chemistry of the American Chemical Society.


1.  1. Dr. Ruben Savizky, 2019 Chair-elect of the NY Section, doing a quality job hosting the Nichols Distinquished Symposium with over 200 attendees.

NYACS Chair-Elect

2.  NY ACS Chair Dr. Justyna Widera-Kalinowska welcoming the attendees to the Distinguished Symposium


3.  Dr. Veronica Vaida of the University of Colorado - One of four symposium speakers at Nichols 2019.

Symposium Speakers

4.  Symposium Speakers posing for a group photo following the symposium. Left to right: Dr. Katherine Lee (ACS District 1 Director), Speaker Dr. Angela Goodman, Medalist Dr. Vicki Grassian, Dr. Ruben Savizky (NY Section Chair-elect), Speaker Dr. Veronica Vaida, Dr. Justyna Widera-Kalinowska (NY Section Chair) and Speaker Dr. Sarah Larsen..


5.  Medalist Dr. Grassian with the Nichols Family

Medalist at Reception

6.  Medalist with Symposium Speakers and ACS Executive Officers at the Nichols Reception

ACS Proclamation

7. The American Chemical Society honored the Nichols family with a proclamation at the passing of C. Walter Nichols III in January. Wally was a beloved friend and benefactor of the ACS, New York Section. The proclamation was read at the Nichols Award Dinner.


8.  Neil Jespersen, a long-time friend of Wally Nichols, reading the ACS Proclamation.

Medalist Introduction

9.  Dr. Sarah Larsen, dear friend and colleague of Dr. Grassian, introducing the Medalist at the award dinner.


10.  Dr. Grassian receiving the William H. Nichols Medal Award from Chair Dr. Justyna Widera-Kalinowska.

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