2007 Chair - Joan Laredo-Liddell - Goals Assessment

2008 Chair - Dr. Marc Walters - Goals


1. To increase the number of relevant activities sponsored by Subsections and Topical Groups:

Each subsection and topical group had a full contingent of significant activities during 2007,
many of them involving high school and college students.  Many of the activities are listed in
the summary of overall section activities.  Activities presented were on the cutting edge of

2. To continue working with other scientific organizations.

This goal was reached by the outstanding programs of the Analytical Topical  Group(chair-Robert Nolan),
Biochemical Topical Group(chair Dr. Barbara Petrack),  and Chemical Marketing and Economics
Group(chair, Regis Schultis).  Excluding national educational institutions that presented, involved
were the New York Blood Center, Fox Chase Cancer Center, and AIChE.  The Westchester Chemical
Society works with the Tappan Zee Section of AIChE. Considering that most of the industry has left
the lower Hudson Region, the Section is very proud of the chairs of the above Groups for keeping
our members updated.

3. To expand our public outreach activities.

The New York Section had  numerous activities that enticed public participation. National Chemistry Week:
This successful  program at the New York Hall of Science has exposed ACS-NY to over 1300 attendees on
October 27. This year, the Section sponsored two Science Cafes with an attendance of nearly 100 people.
The Long Island Section presented the 11th Annual Frances S.  Sterrett Environmental Chemistry  Symposium:
“Liquified Natural Gas: Safe ‘n Sound?”. Broadwater is a very relevant topic for Long Island and the Long Island
Sound.  It was well publicized and drew ACS members as well as the public.  All of these programs were well
advertised in the area, using TV, local newspaper, fliers, etc. and increased awareness of ACS-NY.


1. To revitalize the Brooklyn and Rockland Subsections

There are two subsections that are involved.  Thanks to Jill Rehmann, 2006 NY Chair,
for continuing with the Brooklyn Subsection.  Steven Carlo, after a conversation at
MARM at Ursinus College, is willing to work with the Rockland Subsection.  Steven
has become a major player in planning MARM 2008 and has put Rockland
temporarily on ‘the back burner’.

2. To continue expanding National Chemistry Week activities and participation.

The number of volunteers has increased to  235, an important factor since there
were over 1300 attendees at the New York Hall of Science.  The NCW committee will
continue to work on this goal.

3.  To present programs that will be of interest not only to the chemist but also the public

Each of the NY subsections, committees and topical groups are committed to present-
ing programs of specific, as well as, general interest.  The NY Section received a $500
grant for establishing the Science Café.  Due to the size of the Section, it was decided
to hold two programs.  One program was held to the north in Westchester and the
other on Long Island.  Both programs were presented by Dr. Susan Ettinger.  Her
Topic was “Whole Food and Disease Prevention”. The Westchester Section had 5 of
the 30 attendees ACS members and 25 people from the area.

4. To invite politicians to local activities and to make them award of ACS activities.

The mayor of the City of New York and the Chancellor of the New York Public
School System have been invited to National Chemistry Week at the New York
Hall of Science.  A letter was sent to the Eliot Spitzer, Governor of the State of
New York, listing all the activities for 2007.  The reply was a New York State
Proclamation for the New York Section.

5. To contact small local chemical companies and invite members to local meetings.

Since most of the pharmaceutical and industrial companies have left the lower
Hudson Region, it is important that any small company be aware of ACS presence.
The Westchester Chemical Society, a subsection, and the Long Island sub-section
have done this as they prepared their Calendar for the year.  Local companies have
also been invited to participate in National Chemistry Week.



1. To continue working with other scientific organizations

2. Review and reinvigorate Subsections and Topical Groups

3. Establish a committee advisory group (Committee on committees)

4. Increase membership

2008 CHAIR'S GOALS      Dr. Marc Walters

1. Sustain National Chemistry Week activities and participation

2. Present programs that are of interest not only to the chemist but also the public

3. Reactivate the Government Action Committee (GAC) and establish NY Section interactions with local government

4. Expand teleconferencing and WebEx meetings