BM T. J. Watson Research Laboratory  and  Pfizer - Brooklyn

The year 2007 was a particularly active year for the Committee on the History of the New York Section, as two historic landmarks were approved.

The New York Section presented its 2nd Annual New York Section Historic Chemical Landmark Award to IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown, NY. on Thursday, November 29, 2007.    The plaque was presented by Joan Laredo-Liddell, 2007 Chair of the New York Section, to John E. Kelly III, IBM Senior Vice President and Director of Research, at the Research Center.  Dr. John Sharkey, Historian for the NY Section, gave an overall account of the history of ACS and in particular, the New York Section.  He discussed the various awards that the Section offers to deserving candidates and institutions.   Joan Laredo-Liddell gave a summary of the achievements of IBM for the ACS members and friends, who attended the program, including the innovative work that has been done  in employing chemistry to develop novel materials.  Dr. Kelly expressed deep appreciation to the Section for this distinction and promised that the plaque would be prominently displayed at the Center.  He also introduced the six IBM Research Fellows, who are among the group of scientists that are developing these novel materials.

The inscription on the plaque that was presented read: "Since opening its doors in 1960, the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center has been the world leader in inventing, discovering, and developing novel materials and chemical processes that have spearheaded revolutionary advances in computer hardware, including semiconductor chips for logic and memory, advanced packaging and interconnect technology, data storage technology, and flat panel liquid crystal display technology.  Looking to the future, Watson scientists are working with carbon nanotubes, silicon nanowires and other materials and chemical processes for potential innovations in computer hardware devices based on nanotechnology."

Following the presentation, there was a reception in the IBM Library.  This gave both the IBM members, as well as, the ACS members an opportunity to mingle and converse with one another. Discussion also included the local educational outreach programs of the Watson Center for area schools, teachers and educational organizations.  After, members of ACS went to a local restaurant for dinner.

                                                                       IBM Researchers with John E. Kelly III, IBM Senior Vice President and Director of Research


Pfizer-Brooklyn Approved for Historic Chemical Landmark Designation

        During 2007, members of the NY- Historic Landmark Committee were preparing the information to present to the ACS National Landmark Committee for landmark status for - Pfizer, Brooklyn Laboratory.  Dr. Sharkey presented the nomination of the Pfizer Lab in Brooklyn, New York and received approval for landmark designation in November 2007.  The official program will take place sometime in June 2008.  The approved designation focuses on the development of deep-tank fermentation that was developed by Pfizer in the 1930's and how the techniques were used to mass produce such important chemical and drugs, such as penicillin, which was of such great importance in saving lives during and after World War II.  From the beginnings in 1849, in a small red brick building in Brooklyn, Charles Pfizer and Co. grew into the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.  For nearly 160 years, Pfizer's Brooklyn plant produced chemicals and medicines for the US and people around the world.

Detailed Report By Dr. John Sharkey