The New York Section had another successful SEED I and SEED II program.  The number of participants in Project Seed from the New York Section represents more than one-third the number of participants from the entire nation.  The magnitude and impact of this program is absolutely incredible.  This is due to the dedication and work of its moderator, Nadia Makar.

Over eighty students participated in SEED I and SEED II.   Students did research at many hospitals, colleges and universities, including St. John’s University, Brooklyn College, St. Joseph’s College, Columbia University, City College of the City of New York, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, the School of Pharmacy of Rutgers University, Rutgers College of Engineering, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey City University and the Jersey City Medical Center.

Several students presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston.  New York had the largest delegation attending the meeting and the students did an excellent job.

Students made presentations at Seton Hall University and the First Place Winner was Edwin Ortiz from Union Hill High School.  Edwin did his research on Robots under the mentorship of Dr. Chung from Stevens Institute of Technology.  Rana Abdel Jabbar and Anja Garcia received First Place with Distinction.  The First Place Award was captured by Amed Logrono, Jennifer Gonzalez and Gabriel Cummings.(The Synthesis of Organic Compounds).  The Second Place Award went to Maria Torres, Alexis Dennis, Christian Calderon, Carlos Campoverde, Eriberto Garcia, and Leticia Aquino (Study of Medicinal Plants).  The Third Place was won by Shu Min Gao, Carol Mendez, Handi Miqbel, Alberto Almonte, Samuel Cruz, Ricardo Medrano, Priscilla Martinez and Danai Gonzalez (Environmental Studies of the Meadowlands).

At the New Jersey Science Symposium, Anja Garcia (Finding a New Way to Study Alzimers Using the Length of Bent Light in the Eye) and Swati Shah were selected among the Best Ten Students in the state.  They were selected to attend the National Junior Science Symposium, which took place in New Mexico.  Swati Shah won First Place.for ” Pollution in Hudson County’s Soil and Water”.

At the AMTNJ Competitions, Jennifer Gonzalez received the top award and $500 - for The Study of Breast Cancer Prevention by Vitamin D.  Amed  Logrono won $300 and Carla Mendez received $150 for A New Method of the Synthesis of Organic Compounds Using Microwaves.

Ten students from the New York Section won the ACS SEED Scholarship of $5000.00 each and two students were named ACS SCHOLARS.

At the New York Section Research Poster session which took place at St. Joseph’s College, First Place Winner was Kamaris Loor from Union Hill High School.  Her research title was “The Study of  Colon Cancer Prevention by Vitamin D and Stilbene Analogs”.

ALL SEED II students were accepted by the college of their choice.  Amed Logrono was accepted to Brown University on early decision.  He will study Biochemistry.  All other seniors, who participated in SEED, have already been accepted by the colleges.

At the Hudson County Science Fair, Michael Kanik won the INTEL Award and a gold medal in chemistry for The Study of the Destruction of Nerve Gas.  Amed Logrono also won a gold medal.

Anita Hurtado, who had been featured in the C & E News, is a past SEED participant from the New York Section.  Anita, who majored in chemical engineering, is now working for Merck.

Carlos Rymer, who attends Cornell University, will be graduating in June with a degree in Environmental Studies.  He is an honor student and a past SEED student.  Carlos was featured in the Alumni Magazine of Cornell.

The New York is proud of its Seed students and show cases them at all New York Section functions.

Nadia Makar provided the details for this report.