The 2007 General Meeting and Section-Wide Conference of the American Chemical Society’s New York Section was held at St. John’s University in Queens, NY on Saturday, January 20, 2007.  Approximately 70 people attended the meeting.

The meeting began with welcoming remarks from the new 2007 Section chair and a discussion of goals for the coming year.  New officers and committee members were introduced.

The annual section awards ceremony followed.  The 2006 Chair, Jill K. Rehmann, received the service award plaque, pin and gift for her many contributions.  Frank Romano received the New York Section Outstanding Service Award for 2006 for his many years of service and excellent work as Treasurer of the Section.   The 2006 Nichols Foundation High School Chemistry Teacher Award was presented to Sara Henry McCoy from the Collegiate School in New York City.  Sara received an ACS plaque and a check for $1000.00.   Four Salutes to Excellence Awards were presented:  Vijaya Korlipara for the organization of and her continued work with Chemagination, even after it was dropped as a National event;  Richard D. Cassetta received the Award for his many years chairing the Long Range Planning Committee and arranging for the Executive Board Meetings at the College of New Rochelle.  The next two awardees worked to give the Section its successful National Chemistry Week event.  David Sherman, Principal Scientist, ASQ Certified Quality Auditor for Pepsi-Cola Research and Tech. Support in Valhalla, NY, coordinated the events for the past two years at the New York Hall of Science.  Marcia Rudy accepted the plaque for the Hall of Science.  NYHOS gives free parking and admission to the volunteers and publicizes our event.

Marc Walters, 2007 Chair-Elect announced the list of candidates for the 2007 election.  All positions had two or more candidates  in competition.

A highlight of the conference was to hear the ACS dynamic 2005 President, William F. Carroll, Jr. give the keynote presentation: “The Chemistry Enterprise: Do We Have a Future, or What?”  Looking forward, the chemistry enterprise-as every business the world over-is poised for rebalancing.  The presentation provided a short summary of issues impacting the US and its position in global chemistry, and a review of our program wherein American Chemical Society committees, divisions, leaders and members have envisioned the next ten years.  At the conclusion, there was extensive audience participation and dialogue, which carried over to the luncheon at a local restaurant.

At the break, there was time to examine the posters of the Chemagination students, as well as, New York Section Project SEED students.

The second half of our Annual Meeting is the Committee Planning Sessions for 2007, which are Educational Activities with Sr. Mary Maier; Member Affairs with Ralph Stefani; Program Review with Anne T.  O’Brien; and Public Affairs with Robert Nolan.  At the conclusion, there was a luncheon at a local restaurant to put the final touches to a most eventful day.

                Marcia Rudy  (Hall of Science), Sara Henry McCoy, Dr. Bill Carroll (ACS), Frank Romano, Joan Laredo-Liddell (2007 NY Section Chair),
                                Dr. Jill Rehmann (2006 NY Section Chair), Dr. Vijaya Korlipara, Prof. Richard Cassetta, David Sherman, (Pepsi-Cola)