The New York Section held its 3rd Annual National Chemistry Week at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing , NY on Saturday, October 27, 2007. This very successful program for the past 2 years exceeded everyone’s expectations in 2007.  The New York Hall of Science is located on the old World’s Fair grounds and is becoming one of the premier science institutions noted for its hands-on activities.  The first year we requested the Hall of Science and for the past two years, they have invited us back.  They publicize NCW and this year they invited Harry and Digit from Cyberchase giving coverage from NPR.  We have been fortunate that for the past three years, David Sherman, Principal Research Specialist of Pepsi-Cola, coordinated the events.  The last year we had approximately 700 attendees.  This year we topped 1300 attendees.  We depend on and appreciate our volunteers, who are  from industry, universities, colleges and high schools.  Each volunteer received a periodic scope key chain and we had 235 volunteers.

     On entering the Great Hall, which was decorated with the red, white, and blue NCW balloons, each child received a pair of goggles and a plastic apron.  The activities were carried out by: St. John’s University (Silly Putty, Slime, Ooblek); Hofstra University (Show in the Dark Slime, Gluep); New York University (Cool Blue Light Experiment, Clock Reaction, 4-color Oscillator Chemical Demo); College of Mount Saint Vincent/Manhattan College (Magic Mushrooms=polyfoam, Ghost Crystals, Baggie Science); Barnard College of Columbia University (Invisible Ink, Making a Polymer, Bouncy Ball, Acid-base reactions with household materials); Pace University (Fluorescent Glue, Forensic Fingerprinting); Adelphi (Noisy Popper, Buoyancy Experiment); St. Joseph’s College (Polystyrene Shrinkers); Manhattan Village Academy (HS) (Japanese Marble Painting).  IFF=International Flavors and Fragrances (Test Your Scent IQ); Agilent Technologies (Gas Chromatography Demonstration); VWR=Scientific Supply Catalogue (Mad Scientist Laboratory, glassware, Periodic Table, Microscope, Balance Demonstrations); Citrus and Allied (Essential Oil Production); and, of course, PEPSI-Cola (The Source of Making Soda).  Over 1000 bottles were made according to the color of the liquid and the flavor the children choose).

      The demonstrations were hands-on activities  making for great audience participation.  The children made so many things that the parents had difficulty carrying everything.  The results of filling out the Evaluation Sheet were “Are you coming back next year?” and “Bring bags!”.

     Working with the Scientific Supply Companies, Carolina Biological Supply Company, Flinn Scientific, Inc., Sargent-Welch and Educational Innovations, I was able to purchase goggles and plastic aprons for the children.  After explaining why they were needed, I was able to come to a deal that for everyone purchased the company would match it.  Publicity was carried out by the Hall of Science.  New York Times, World Journal (Chinese newspaper), UFT (Union of Federated Teachers) Science Activities, NPR, New York Archdiocese of NY, Brooklyn Diocese, ACS-NY The Indicator, etc.

     In January 2007 at the NY Section Annual Meeting, we presented the Salutes to Excellence to David Sherman and the New York Hall of Science, accepted by Marcia Rudy. The Section is so pleased that Pepsi Cola has also appreciated David Sherman’s efforts for National Chemistry Week.  David will receive the Harvey C. Russell Inclusion Award on March 27, 2007 at their office in Purchase, NY.

Dr. Marc Walters, Joan Lardo-Liddell, Dr. Anne O'Brien and David Sherman

     Since the New York Section received the LSAC grant for NCW, we also held a Haiku and Poster Contest.  The 23 Haiku/Posters were displayed at the Hall of Science and the students received $1100 in award money.  The contacts with the schools were made by e-mail, which saved postage.  This money was used to purchase additional goggles and aprons.  Dr. Catherine T. Hunt, 2007 ACS President, Dr. Bruce E. Bursten, President-Elect and the Honorable Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of the City of New York were invited to attend the program at the New York Hall of Science.

     The New York area is also exposed to the importance of chemistry through the Fourth Harlem Science Street Fair and Festival organized by Dr. Sat Bhattacharya.  The program was held on Saturday, October 6, 2007 at 129th Street and 7th Avenue (Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.) in New York City.  The festival and the summer-long outreach to disadvantaged high school students at the fair honors the various outreach programs that aid youth in under-served and under-represented communities and schools districts in NYC and New Jersey and now is a national venture. For the Festival, an international line-up of entertainers is brought in, which brings out members of the community.  The Harlem Science Street Fair and Festival has been a successful experiment into the interaction between the scientific community and the general public.

Many of the sub-sections held activities on a smaller scale.        MORE PHOTOS OF THE 2007 NCW EVENT