<<<<<<<<  LONG RANGE PLAN  >>>>>>>>

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) met four times during 2008.  The attendance rate was 70-90%.  Hence, the long range plan described herein was developed from a well considered consensus within the full committee.

1.  The NY Section recognizes the need for ongoing revitalization to meet the needs of its members in an evolving politico-economic climate.  The Section is largely run by committees.  To support the process of revitalization the LRPC has recommended that the Section investigate the operational status of all committees including those of the sub-sections and topical groups.  Towards this end, the Section chair prepared a survey that was sent to the chair of each committee for an internal evaluation.  The evaluation process itself is undergoing refinement.  In response to gravity of the LRPC recommendations the current plan calls for sending out a single question each month in an email blast to the general membership of the section to elicit ideas and suggestions about ways in which the Section can best serve its membership.  

2.  As part of our goal to increase the number of younger members (college students, graduate students, and postdocs) within the ACS NY Section, LRPC recommends a poll of younger members about their expectations regarding advantages of membership, satisfaction with Section activities, and interest in running for office within the Section.  The LRPC further recommends that the board consider expanding high school student involvement in section activities.

3.  Our members live and work dispersed over an extensive mixed urban/suburban terrain with heavy traffic and toll bridges and tunnels.  This situation limits the turnout of members for meetings, particularly those that are scheduled for weekday evenings.  To remedy this problem the LRPC recommends expanded use of tele- and web-conferencing to enhance communication and facilitate the scheduling of meetings.

4.  Subscriptions to the electronic publication of The Indicator are expected to increase.  In response to this likelihood the LRPC recommends that the board seek cost cutting strategies for this publication.  It is recommended that the Indicator committee explore ways to increase advertising in order to generate revenue to support the electronic publication of the Indicator.

5.  Lastly the LRPC recommends that the Board of the NY Section develop mechanisms for expanded synergistic collaborations with other professional organizations.