Dr. Marc Walters,  2008 Chair

2008 Section Goals Assessment:

1. To continue working with other scientific organizations.

We have provided financial support to NY State Science Olympiad.  We further

2. Review and reinvigorate Subsections and Topical Groups.

In 2008 we have surveyed our general membership to assess the NY Section and to elicit suggestions on how we can improve where necessary.

3. Establish a committee advisory group (Committee on Committees).

After discussing this matter during our board meetings we decided that the establishment of a committee on committees should await the outcome of our survey.

4. Increase membership.

In 2008 we focused on student affiliates as a population where membership increase could be fruitful.  Towards that end we are committed to a campaign to greatly expand our Student members.  The newest addition of members occurred in New York University where the members of the Draper Society (Chemistry Club) chose to join the ACS certified club of Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute of NYU.

2008 Chairs Goal's Assessment:

1. Sustain National Chemistry Week activities and participation.

Success in the 2008 National Chemistry Week (NCW) activities has been detailed at several places in our report.  While many subsections of the NY Section hold activities throughout the week, the pivotal event takes place on the Saturday of NCW at the NY Hall of Science.  This event has grown in the number of college participants in every year of its existence.  The number of visitors to the event has also been generally increasing.

2. Present programs that are of interest not only to the chemist but also the public.

National Chemistry Week is one such event as are programs such as the Undergraduate Research Symposium which invariably involves not only area H.S. students but also their parents.  

3. Reactivate the Government Action Committee (GAC) and establish NY Section interactions with local government.

One signal success in a new area for the NY Section in 2008 was the activation of GAC.  The year culminated with a visit to Capitol Hill by members of the committee to meet with the aides of members of Congress.  Invitations to local government representatives for NY ACS events will continue.

4. Expand teleconferencing and WebEx meetings:

Within the NY section we have begun to make regular use of teleconferencing and web meetings.  Further we have refined their use in identifying best practices, such as the optimal number of participants in a teleconferences and the format for such meetings in order to ensure their efficacy.  Similarly we have made use of web meetings although these usually involve the section and an outside entity such as ACS National.  One such instance was a meeting between member of the NY ACS Government Affairs Committee and the Office of Public Affairs (OPA



Dr. Barbara Hillery,  2008 Chair-elect

2009 Section Goals:

    1.  To continue collaborations with other scientific organizations.

    2.  To increase public outreach.

    3.  To sustain and expand the use of teleconferencing and other electronic communications.

    4.  To sustain the activity of the committee advisory group (established under 2008 goals).

2009 Chair's Goals:

    1.  To review and update the section committee structure, including functions of each committee.

    2.  To reinvigorate the Speakers Bureau.

    3.  To sustain the activities of the Government Action Committee, which was reinvigorated by the 2008 Chair.

    4.  To review and update the descriptions of job responsibilities for Executive Board positions.