2009 amd 2010 GOALS
Local Section's and Chair's
2009 Chair   Dr. Barbar R. Hillery
2010 Chair   Mr. Frank R. Romano
1.  To continue collaborations with other scientific organizations.
We have developed, continued and/or strengthened relationships with the New York Academy of Sciences, the New York Hall of Science, Eastern Analytical Symposium, the NY State Science Olympiad, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Metro New York Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and The Chemists Club.
2.  To increase public outreach.
We reach thousands through events such as National Chemistry Week at the Hall of Science, Undergraduate Research Symposium, High School Awards.  Two groups have volunteered to plan Science Cafes, and one of these has scheduled a series of public events to be held in cooperation with their local public library throughout this spring semester.:
3.  To sustain and expand the use of teleconferencing and other electronic communications.
We continue with e-blasts to publicize events, and have expanded our NY/NJ sections newsletter, The Indicator, with a web edition.  Teleconferencing has eased the travel burden for business meetings of committees such as the Nominating Committee.
4.  To sustain the activity of the committee advisory group.
This committee was suggested in 2008, but official establishment was delayed. We have been reviewing our overall committee structure, and as we do so several experienced members of the Board and Councilors have been serving in an ad hoc advisory capacity.
1.  To review and update the section committee structure, including functions of each committee.
Committee Chairs were asked to review the functions of their committees and submit updates to the section office.
2.  To reinvigorate the Speakers Bureau.
Many members of the NY Section are in demand as speakers. Our web site contains a link to speakers, and encourages those seeking speakers to contact the section.
3.  To sustain the activities of the Government Action Committee, which was reinvigorated by the 2008 Chair.
The Chair of the GAC also served as a Director-at-Large of the Executive Board.
4.  To review and update the descriptions of job responsibilities for Executive Board positions.
Existing job descriptions (decades old) were copied and mailed to all appropriate Board members and Committee Chairs. Descriptions were reviewed, updated, and sent back to the Section office. In the coming year, these will be compiled into a new booklet on Section Officers Responsibilities.
1. Develop new programs and activities which encourage our student members to become active in our Section.
2. Continue to leverage technology to increase communication and decrease costs.
3. Maintain collaborations with other scientific organizations.
4. Continue to support and improve on our premier events and investigate opportunities to add new activities and events.
1. Show support for the local sub-sections by attending at least one major event for each local section.
2. Continue to reach out to members to understand their needs.  Communications will be primarily through our website and e-mails.
3. Reach out to all members especially those from industry and encourage them to become active in local section governance, activities
and events.