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Dr. Thomas Franke
Icahn School of Medicine
at Mt. Sinai
1425 Madison Avenue
Mailbox 1065
New York, NY 10029

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American Chemical Society
New York Section, Inc.
Department of Chemistry
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Jamaica, NY 11439
Phone 516-883-7510
Fax 516-883-4003

Office Administrator

The Biochemical Topical Group collaborates with the Biochemical Pharmacology Discussion Group (BPDG) of The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) to advance our knowledge of the activity and metabolism of small compounds and biologics. The BPDG represents a diverse group of scientists with interests in biochemistry, drug discovery, drug therapy, biomedical research, and related areas. Members are from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and academic institutions. Our purpose is to bring together diverse institutions and communities, industrial and academic researchers, lay-people and experts to share exciting new findings and trends at the frontiers of drug research, development and application.

Each spring, BPDG issues a proposal request for symposia to be held at the NYAS. Topics that will be considered include chemotherapy, neuropharmacology, antimicrobials, inflammation, drug discovery, pharmacology and toxicology. Successful proposals are selected by a Steering Committee and 7-8 receiving the most votes will constitute the next year's program. Selected symposia are held at 7 World Trade Center as half- or full-day events. Lunch, coffee breaks and other networking opportunities at the symposia facilitate interactions and enable conversations.

2022 Meetings

There are no events currently planned.

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