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Dr. Justyna Widera
Adelphi University
Department of Chemistry
1 South Avenue
Garden City, NY, 11530

Dr. Joseph M. Serafin
St. John's University
Department of Chemistry
8000 Utopia Avenue
Queens, NY, 11439
Phone: 718-990-5226

Dr. Ruben Savizky
Cooper Union
Department of Chemistry
30 Cooper Square
New York, NY, 10003
Phone: 212-353-4372

Mr. Frank Romano
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Daniel Amarante
Stony Brook University
Department of Chemistry
100 Nicolls Road
Stony Brook, NY, 11794

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American Chemical Society
New York Section, Inc.
Department of Chemistry
St. John's University
8000 Utopia Parkway
Jamaica, NY 11439
Phone 516-883-7510
Fax 516-883-4003

Office Administrator


Dr. Justyna Widera-Kalinowska
2019 NY Section Chair

Chair's Message

Dear Members:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the New York Section of the American Chemical Society for electing me as the 2019 Chair. I am deeply honored to be given a chance to serve in all of the members of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society. I view this as an opportunity to share my love, passion and experience with chemistry with others.

On behalf of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society, I would like to thank all of the volunteers for their service! As a volunteer organization, we are only as strong as our volunteers make us, and only as successful as we allow our volunteers to be. Thanks to our dedicated and enthusiastic members, the NY Section provides public outreach services to promote professional development of our members, increase scientific literacy among regular citizens and the development of the next generation of professionals knowledgeable and passionate about chemistry.

The United Nations proclaims the 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (2019 IYPT). The International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements in 2019 will coincide with the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Periodic system by Dmitry Mendeleev in 1869. It is a unique tool enabling scientists to predict the appearance and properties of matter on Earth and in the Universe. The development of the Periodic Table of the Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science with broad scientific implications in Chemistry and other areas of science such as: Astronomy, Physics, Biology, etc. The events presented by the NY ACS will enhance the understanding and appreciation of the Periodic Table and chemistry among public.

Some of the premier events by the New York Section for 2019 include:

  • January 19th – Sectionwide Conference at Queensborough Community College (QCC). There will be a keynote presentation by Monona Rossol M.S., M.F.A., Industrial Hygienist and committees will hold planning sessions for the year. Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to attend.
  • April 12th – William H. Nichols' Distinguished Symposium (White Plains, NY). The 2019 medalist is Dr. Vickie Grassian from University of California San Diego, and the theme is “Interfacial and Multiphase Chemistry Relevant to the Environment”

In addition, to promote and celebrate the significance of the Periodic table of elements and its applications to society during 2019, a wide variety of truly amazing events will be held, sponsored by the various Topic Groups, Subsections or Committees such as Chemists Celebrate Earth Day’s walk, Chemagination, High School Teachers' "Demo Derby", National Chemistry Week celebrations, Chemical Marketing and Economics' Leadership Awards, or the Sustainability Symposium to name just a few of the events.

It is critical that the brightest young minds continue to be attracted to chemistry in order to ensure the next generation of scientists, engineers and innovators in this field that will carry on the development of the Periodic Table journey.

I encourage our members to stay in touch with the NY ACS in various ways:
  • regularly visit the New York Section website for information about upcoming events
  • add the New York Section to your Facebook account to receive regular updates as well as multimedia presentations of past events
  • continue to read the Indicator for more information about the Section
  • please consider attending a meeting of a Topical Group, Subsection, or Committee or at least review their activities in the annual reports to see if you may be interested in what they do or if you can offer a new perspective.
  • think about some new ways the New York Section can better serve you and let us know your idea

The key to the future success of the Section is the creation of the sense of inclusive atmosphere. We will welcome everybody who would like to participate in the ACS events: chemists, chemical educators, chemistry students and non-chemists as well. We will solicit the new ideas and opinions from all of these groups on how to improve our service to our current members and the next generation of potential members. We will try to train the new ACS leaders by allowing students to be a part of the boards of the local subsections and supporting this way the interactions with the current more mature and experienced leading members.

I would like to thank again New York Section of ACS for this opportunity and I look forward to continuing to work with entire NY section membership to make our section to be even more vibrant and exemplary nationwide for next generations.

Please feel free to contact me at widera@adelphi.edu with any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions for the Section or if you are looking for service opportunities.

Justyna Widera-Kalinowska
2019 Chair of the New York Section

NY Section Strategic Plan

To be a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences among those interested in the Chemical Sciences in ways that promote individual and professional excellence in the Chemical Community

1. New York Section will increase membership and participation of chemical scientists working in industry.
2. New York Section will expand collaborative activities with local chapters of other professional societies in the New York region to enhance the interdisciplinary boundaries of chemistry.
3. New York Section will develop and utilize advanced technology to enhance professional activities and services for our members.
4. New York Section will foster activities and programs to improve the public's recognition and appreciation of the contributions of chemistry.
5. New York Section will promote the development of programs and services to improve the scientific literacy and interest of students.
6. New York Section will facilitate the career development of professionals in the Chemical Sciences.
7. New York Section will encourage participation and leadership by women and underrepresented minorities.

The New York Section of the American Chemical Society will be the premier membership organization for chemists, chemical engineers, and allied professionals in the New York metropolitan area and a leader in advancing the public's scientific literacy and appreciation of chemistry.

Topical Groups & Committees:
  Chem Mktg/Econ
  Chemists Celebrate Earth Week
  History of the NY Section
         Science History Institute
  National Chemistry Week
  Student Activities
  H. S. Teachers
  US National Chemistry Olympiad
  Younger Chemists

  Long Island
         Env Chem
         HS Awards
  Staten Island

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