The many exciting and pertinent activities of the New York Section are announced in The Indicator -  the Section’s monthly magazine (excluding July and August), on the Section’s website (www., and by e-mail.


The Brooklyn Subsection (Chair, Dr. Jill Rehmann) co-sponsored the 12th High School Research Poster Session which was held at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn .  It was organized by the Chemical Education Committee chaired by Sr. Mary Maier.   43 posters from 7 high schools were featured, as well as a talk by Dr. Richard Rosso of St. John's University. The section also co-sponsored a NCW Brooklyn Day for high school students at Brooklyn College. Held on October 23rd, it involved approximately 150 high school students, chemistry student affiliates and faculty.  It included chemical demonstrations, a tour of the labotaories, an awards program and a talk by Dr. Koji Nahanishi along with a Magic Show. Detailed Report

The Hudson-Bergen Subsection (Chair, Dr. Hanae Haouari) had a very rich and varied program in association with the local colleges, including Ramapo College, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Besides the monthly meetings that featured an invited speaker, Hudson-Bergen also hosted the 9th Annual Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium and Awards Ceremony at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  The speaker for the event was Mr. Sorin Diaconescu of the New Jersey State Toxicology Laboratory.  The topic was “Forensic Toxicology”.   Detailed Report

The Long Island Subsection (Chair, Dr. Eugene Brown) continues to host section meetings covering a wide range of chemical topics that draws 50 to 150 attendees each month.  Other excellent activities:  On April 19 at Queensborough Community College, LI held its 7th Annual Chemistry Challenge, a quiz show type contest.  There were ten teams from area colleges and universities participating.  At the 17th Outstanding Scholastic Achievement of High School Students in June, chemistry students were recognized and presented with plaques and other awards.  This was followed by a dinner for the students, faculty and family.  The activity was sponsored by OSI Pharmaceuticals.  Students enjoyed a toured of the pharmaceutical company.  Students, who could not attend, received their awards by mail.  On Thursday, May 24, LI hosted the 11th Annual Frances S. Sterrett Environmental Chemistry Symposium, “Liquified Natural Gas: Safe ‘n Sound?” at Hofstra University.   On November 30, the subsection hosted a Science Café with Dr. Susan Ettinger.  The topic of her presentation was “Whole Food and Disease Prevention”. This was the second Café for the New York Section.   Award Photos          Detailed Report

The Staten Island Subsection (Chair, Dr. Wendy deProphetis Driscoll) held its Outstanding High School Student Award Night in the evening of  November 13, 2007 at Spiro Hall of Wagner College.  The welcome was given by Dr. Wendy deProphetis Driscoll of the Department of Chemistry of Wagner College.   The featured speakers were Meaghan Robbins and Lindsay Lucas, two senior chemistry majors at Wagner College, who will be attending graduate school and participated in the REU programs.  The title of their presentations were “Synthesis & Characterization of Oligoacenes for Organic Electronics & Optoelectronics” and Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-TOF-MS) Analysis on Sunset Park ‘Escherica coli’ isolates”. The Presentation of Awards was by Dr. Maria Gelabert (Past Chair) and Dr, Nicholas  Richardson (Treasurer). Schools attending the Awards Night were Curtis HS, Monsignor Farrell, Moore Catholic, New Dorp, Notre Dame, Michael Petrides, Port Richmond, St. John’s Villa Academy,  St. Joseph’s-By-The-Sea, St. Joseph’s Hill Academy, St. Peter’s Boys St. Peter’s Girls, Staten Island Academy, Staten Island Technical, Susan E. Wagner and Totenville.   Mrs. Claire Sandomierski of the Chemistry Department of Wagner College coordinated the events.  After the seminar and presentation of awards, members of Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemistry Honor Society conducted tours of some of the research chemistry laboratories at Wagner College. 50 people were in attendance.

The Westchester Chemical Society (subsection co-chaired by Jean Delfiner and Joan Laredo-Liddell) held 7 meetings.  We were pleased to suggest one of our presenters, Dr. David Fairhurst, as a speaker for  MARM.  The theme of the 40th MARM is “Chemistry and Health” and Dr. Fairhurst’s topic is “Formulating Semi-solid Topical Delivery Systems: Development of a Microbicide for HIV”.  In May, the Section held its 16th Annual Distinguished Scientist Award Dinner and College Achievement Awards at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY.  This year’s recipient was Dr. Mary Cowman of Polytechnic University. The Distinguished Scientist Award was in recognition of her work on solution properties and nanoscale imaging of polymers and for advances in the understanding of polysaccharides.  Dr. Cowman’s presentation was “One Molecule at a Time: using Nanoscale Imaging to Understand Biological Properties”.  Dr. Peter Corfield of SUNY-Purchase was the coordinator for the Student Chemistry Awards. The awardees received an ACS Certificate and the Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. Colleges attending were Bronx Community College, College of Mt. St. Vincent, College of New Rochelle, Iona College, Manhattan College, Manhattanville College, Marymount College of Fordham University, Pace University, Purchase College-SUNY, Westchester Community College.   Two Salutes to Excellence Awards were presented to Carol Sencen, Secretary, for e-mail reminders to the members regarding an upcoming meeting and Rolande Hodel, Treasurer,  for her presentation and work with the Section. The Section also sponsored the first Science Café with Dr. Susan Ettinger, who presented “Whole Foods and Disease Prevention”.  Of the 30 people who came to Borders Bookstore for the presentation, only 5 were ACS members.
   Report with Photos


These groups have offered the Section members outstanding scientific information.

The Analytical Topical Group (Chair, Dr. Robert Nolan) hosted 6 seminars in 2007.  The Group continues with participation of the forensic faculty and students from John Jay School of Criminal Justice.    One of their seminars was by Dr. Jo Ann Buscaglia from the FBI Laboratory. The February speaker was from The Rohm and Hass Company;  the March speaker is the Senior Scientist and Research Director Smiths Detection and a consultant in Analytical Microscopy; the April speaker was from the Tel-Aviv University; the May meeting speaker was from Counterterrorism and Forensic Science Research Unit of the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA.  Other speakers were from the local colleges’ particularly junior analytical faculty.  Attendance was in the 20 range per seminar.  The meetings are held at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.   The Section is particularly pleased with the variety of speakers presented by the Analytical Topical Group.   Dr. Nolan's Report

The Biochemical Topical Group (Chair, Dr. Barbara Petrack) in collaboration with the Biochemical Pharmacolocy Discussion Group of the New York Academy of Sciences had an active and successful year.  The combined group represents a diversity of scientists interested in biochemistry, molecular biology, drug discovery, biomedical research and related areas.  Members are from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and from university and medical center research facilities across the Eastern United States. Eight symposia were sponsored in 2007, including two full-day programs. Each  half-day symposium included 5-6 speakers and 8 scientists presented at the full-day May and September symposia.  Coffee breaks in the middle of each session provided opportunities for networking.   The meetings were held in the new home of the New York Academy of Sciences at the World Trade Center. Approximately 80 to 100 scientists attended each program.  The New York Section congratulates Dr. Barbara Petrack, Chair, and her committee for continuing the outstanding programs of the Biochemical Topical Group.  Dr. Petrack's Report

The Chemical Marketing and Economics Topical Group (Chair, Regis Schultis, Jr.) mission is to inform members and guests of economic and marketing issues of timely interest to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Group has monthly luncheon meetings that take place September through June on the first Thursday of each month.  The invited speaker from industry, the consulting profession  or academia gives a 45 minutes presentation.  This is followed by a question and answer period.  Luncheon and the presentation are preceded by an informal social hour for networking and renewing and/or maintaining professional contacts.  The luncheon meetings are held at The Chemists’ Club in New York City.  A plaque acknowledging the contributions of the speaker is presented at each meeting.  Presenters were from Chemical and Engineering News, Morgan & Finnegan, LLP, New York City; Do-Coop Industries, Israel; Nexant Chem Systems, NY; Office of Research Grants ACS; Nano-C, Inc. MA; Broadwater Energy, NY; Greenhouse Gas emissions Markets Group of Evolution Markets LLC, NY; and AMT II Corp.  In December, the CM&E Group co-sponsored with the New York Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Bronx county Chapter of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers  a full day seminar on “Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Short-Term and Long-Term Strategies”. The meeting was held at the Chemists’ Club was very well attended.  Speakers from industry, academia, government and consulting firms made presentations.  Six organizations provided funding as sponsors, in addition to the fee charged for registration and the luncheon.  Planning is already underway for a conference on “Water: The Next ‘Oil’” to be held at the end of 2008.  A call for papers has already gone out.  With the reduction of industry in the lower Hudson Region, the New York Section is particularly proud of  the Analytical Group, Biochemical Group and the Chemical Marketing and Economics Group for bringing in speakers to keep the section members updated in the area of research and industrial activities.  Mr. Schultis' Report

The Computers in Chemistry Topical Group has two new co-chairs, Seogioo Jang of Queens College and Nicholas Petraco of John Jay College as of May 2007.  Prof. Jang started an Association for Theoretical and Computational Chemists at CUNY to form an umbrella group for these people.  It is well attended and the topical group would broaden it beyond CUNY.  Professor Angelo Rossi of York College is supportive of the new co-chairs and will remain in the Committee.  We will soon see a great increase in activity in the topical group covering this important area of chemistry.  The Section is pleased with the revitalization of this group in 2007.

The High School Teachers Topical Group (Co-Chairs Jean Delfiner and Joan Laredo-Liddell) met 8 times in 2007.    The choice of topics for the Group includes cutting edge technology, educational techniques and demonstrations.  Topics included: Hydrogen Fuel Cells; History of HS Laboratory Work in Chemistry and Physics; The Phantasic Photon; Neural Prostheses; Can Technology Save the Planet; The Use of Smart Boards; and The Chemist as Detective in Examining Art and Artifacts.  The presentation of the Use of Smart Boards was done at SMART Technologies Corporation in NYC by a member of the company.  The meetings are held at the Silver Center of New York University following a social and dinner at Café Pane e Cioccolato.  The HS Topical Group invites member of the The Physics Club of New York and The Biology Teachers Association of New York City to the meetings. The average attendance is 30 to 50 depending on the topic.  But in April the presentation is The Demo Derby, when 10-15 members present tried and true and new demonstrations and ideas to bring to the classroom tomorrow, the attendance jumps to 100.  We are so pleased that Professor Rudy Jones of Essex County Community College and a director of Hudson-Bergen Subsection brings members of his class to all the meetings. Very unique for the group is that the Recording Secretary is a Junior at Hunter College High School.  Her minutes are more detailed  than some professionals.  She has been coming to the meetings with her father, who works for the EPA and presents each year.  Snacks are provided for those who cannot make the dinner.  Since members from different organizations are always present, it allows for networking. The May meeting is our dinner meeting to celebrate another successful yearJean Delfiner's Report

The Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry Topical Group (Chair, Dr. Robert Beer) co-sponsored its meetings with the NY Academy of Sciences.  Since the NYAS has moved and logistical and financial support from the Academy has changed, the Group will be changing its format to have a research round table, as will as, symposia with graduate students, post-docs and outside speaker, with the events being held at local institutions.

the Metrowomen Chemists Topical Group (New York and North Jersey) (Co-Chaired by Dr. Nancy Tooney).  The New York Section co-chair, Dr. Nancy Tooney  has been involved with the planning for the WCC luncheon to be held on Tuesday during MARM  2008.  WCC requested and received a commitment from the national WCC and from the local chapter of the Association for Women in Science for funds to help defray luncheon costs and some speaker travel costs.  Jodi Wesemann, who has responsibilities for two year college issues at national ACS, has agreed to be the luncheon speaker.

The Nanotechnology Topical Group (Chair, Dr. James Canary) has been enjoying a steady gain in popularity since its inception in March 2003.  The New York Nanoscience Discussion Group meets four times per year.  The meetings take place at New York University on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM with greetings and refreshments, followed by a program at 7:30 PM. The program consists of three speakers, representing different areas of nanotechnology within different disciplines.  Speakers presenting were from Columbia, Yale, NYU and the California Institute of Technology, as well as from research institutions and industry.  Departments represented have included, chemistry, physics, biomaterials and biomimetics, radiology and pathology, and chemical engineering.  Each speaker presents for 25 minutes and entertains questions for 5 minutes.  The atmosphere is informal and collegial.  In preparation, the schedule of meetings is set, a series of diverse stimulating panels is decided upon, invitations are extended to the speakers, and the event is promoted to an ever-growing list of 100 scientists in the tri-state area, as well as the 150 members of the NYU Department of Chemistry. Attendance at each meeting is approximately 40.  The New York Section applauds one of its new groups for its success in the past 4 years.   Dr. Canary's Report

The Retired Chemists Topical Group (Co-chairs, Ralph Stephani and Joan Laredo-Liddell) focused on the Luncheon for the 50 and 60 years members of the New York Section.  The Luncheon at the Tavern on the Green Restaurant in Central Park, NYC was listed as one of New York’s top ten activities. (See Top Ten))


The New York Section’s top ten list that was under the umbrella of Educational Activities included Chemagination, High School Chemistry Olympiad, National Chemistry Week, Nichols Teacher Award, Project Seed and the Student Affiliate and Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Please see detailed accounts of these activities under the Section’s Top Ten Activities.

Chemical Education Committee (Chair, Dr. Mary Maier) held its 12th Annual High School Research Poster Session  at St. Joseph’s.   The committee also sponsored Brooklyn Day for High School Students at Brooklyn College.

Continuing Education Committee (Chair, Dr. Donald Clarke) and the Chemistry Department of St. John’s University held their annual symposium on November 1, 2007 titled "Drug Discovery and Development. " Excellent talks were given by Dr. David Brown (St. John’s University) - “The Role of Natural Product Chemistry in Drug Discover; Dr. Kristen Jespersen Pierce (Pfizer Global Research and Development) - “Statistics in Drug Development”;  Dr. John Leazar (Merck and Company, Inc.)  - “Green Chemistry:  The Synthesis of a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator”; Dr. Deborah Evrard (Wyeth Research)  - CNS Drug Discovery:  Challenges and Examples”; Dr. Gokul Kalur (IRIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)  - “Pharmaceutical Process Development”.  It was a successful half day symposium arranged with the assistance of the St. John’s Student Affiliate Chapter of the ACS.  There were approximately 100 attendees.       Booklet             Photos

Student Affiliate Group is to be congratulated, as two of its members were recognized by national ACS:  Manhattan College/ College of Mt. St. Vincent with Dr. Pamela Kerrigan (Faculty Advisor) - Honorable Mention  and Stern College of Yeshiva with Dr. Chaya Rapp (Faculty Advisor) - Commendable.  The 55th Undergraduate Research Symposium (in the Top Ten) was sponsored by this committee.

Community Outreach includes National Chemistry Week and Chemists Celebrate Earth Day.  The New York Section held the Haiku Contest for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day.  Fourteen projects were sent to the section and one was sent to the national competition.  Twenty-three Haiku and posters were sent to the Section for National Chemistry Week and one was sent to the national competition.  Because the Section received the $3000 grant from LSAC, the Section distributed $1100 in prize money

Chemistry Teacher Clubs were established through the Division of Chemical Education - SOCED. The 2007 ACS High School Chemistry Club for the New York Section is Tenafly High School.


Awards (Chair, Dr. Stephen Goldberg) are an important activity  of the section.  Awards are given to high school students and college students.   Dr. Goldberg sends certificates to the high schools in Manhattan and the Bronx.  All the subsections have an awards night.

Employment and Professional Relations.  Dr. Hessy Taft is our intrepid chair for this committee.

History of the New York Section activities has kept its chair, Dr. John Sharkey very busy this year.  The New York Section’s 2nd Annual Historical Chemistry Site Award went to IBM’s Watson Research Laboratory and at the presentation Dr. Sharkey gave a summary of the New York Section of the American Chemical Society and also was responsible for the plaque that was presented.  At the same time, Dr. Sharkey and his committee were putting together the information needed to present the Pfizer Laboratory as a possible National Historic Chemical Site.  The Section was pleased that the Pfizer nomination was accepted in November 2007 and the presentation to IBM was on November 29, 2007.    (See Top Ten)     Dr. Sharkey's Report

Indicator Committeemembers from New York, Neil Jespersen, Joan Laredo-Liddell and Stephen Goldberg, met twice with the North Jersey members to review issues  and discuss problems, i.e. the costs, etc.

Membership is an activity that every subsection has been working diligently on this year.  The chair, Dr. Neil Jespersen, continues to welcome each new member to the section with a welcoming e-mail.  Membership applications were sent to a number of colleges upon request.

Outstanding Service Award (Co-chairs, Jean Delfiner and Joan Laredo-Liddell) was presented to the 2007 winner, Dr. Vijaya Korlipara for her excellent work with Chemagination.  (See Top Ten)


Academe & Industrial Relations (Chair, Dr. Richard Goodman with Dr. Mary Cowman and the committee) have been working on a symposium.  The details are in place and the symposium will be presented in 2008.

Environmental  Chemistry under the chairmanship of Dr. Barbara Hillery presented the 11th Annual Frances S. Sterrett Environmental Chemistry Symposium, “Liquified Natural Gas: Safe ‘n Sound?” on May 24th at Hofstra University. The speakers were Froydis Cameron from Broadwater Energy; Adrienne Esposito of Citizens Campaign for the Environment,  Captain Peter Boynton of the United States Coast Guard,  Douglas Hill, Consulting Engineer for Huntington, NY and William Horak from Brookhaven National Laboratory.   This was the 11th symposium in a series of pertinent and up-to-date topics.
Dr. Hillery's Report

Fund Raising was discussed at the February Board Meeting and it was decided that a Fund Raising Letter should be send to the members of the Section.   Frank Romano, in conjunction with his committee, drafted a letter that was sent to the membership in April 2007.  In addition, the committee oversees the annual budgeting duties, worked on long term plans to increase programming to attract increased industrial interest in the section.

A Government Affairs committee was organized and chaired by Lori Zailowski of Dowling College.  Members were encouraged to join LAN and make their voices heard.

Information Technology - The New York Section is privileged to have Dr. Anne O’Brien as the chair of Information Technology.  Dr. O’Brien has encouraged on-line conference meetings as well as teleconferences.

Photography - An outside photographer was brought in to take the pictures of the Nichols Symposium and Dinner.  In general, each subsection and topical group takes pictures for publicity of their events.

Speakers Bureau - Dr. Christian Rojas has kept the section informed of possible speakers for meetings and symposia.  Also, there is a list of active speakers on the New York website.


Audit Committee (Chair, Dr. Phillip Mark) reviewed the Section’s financial information and books and reported that all is in order.

Councilor Coordinator (Chair, Dr. Ronald D’Amelia) reported that the  New York Section has 100% councilor attendance at Chicago and Boston National Meetings.  At the Board Meeting, the councilors reported on the activities they are involved with.  The Councilor Coordinating Committee planned a joint meeting with the New York Section Long Range Planning Committee.  All 2007 Councilors and Alternate Councilors were invited.  The purpose of the joint meeting was to discuss in general terms our strategy for the 2008 meetings.  Because of time restraints, during December 2007, it was decided to hold a meeting after the luncheon after the Section-wide Conference.    Dr. D'Amelia's Report

Eastern Analytical Symposium (Frank Romano, Delegate) was held at the Garden State Convention  & Exhibit Center and Double Tree Hotel Somerset, Somerset, NJ.  The New York Section, a sponsor, manned Booth 530 for the Section and ACS National.  It was the 2007 NY Section chair’s pleasure to work the booth with Frank Romano and Yorke Rhodes and then to attend the dinner that evening.    Photos

Nichols Medal Jury (Chair 2007, Vijaya Korlipara) met at St. John’s University to determine the Nichols Medalist for 2008.  After much discussion, the Jury concluded that Dr. Nadrian Seeman of NYU would be the awardee.  The Nichols Jury for determining the 2007 Nichols Award was Gerard Parkin and the Medalist was Nicholas J. Turro. (See Top Ten)

Nominating Committee, chaired by Dr. Marc Walters, presented the Report of the committee.  All positions had a minimum of  two candidates.  No one ran unopposed.
The ballots were returned to St. John’s University and were collected through May 31, 2007.  444 ballots were received.  The results: Chair-Elect for 2008 - Barbara Hillery;
Treasurer for  2008-2009  - Stephen Goldberg,  Director-at-Large for 2008 - Mary Cowman, Hessy Taft, Sharon Lall-Ramnarine, Councilor 2008-2010 - Jean Delfiner, Frank Romano, Vijaya Korlipara.

40th MARM  - 2008 - “Chemistry and Health”  The chair is Paris Svoronos of Queensborough Community College, Treasurer, Frank Romano, Arrangements, David Sarno.  Meetings were held throughout 2007.  The Program is in place.   The flier for MARM has already been sent. The Undergraduate Research Symposium will be held in conjunction with MARM.  The members of the High School Teacher Topical Group are volunteering to help with the Demo Derby type session.  A high school program is in place and should attract many teachers from the region.  This information is being sent to all the schools in the immediate area.   Dr. Svoronos Report


A memo from M. Jacobs indicated the Carl Djerassi’s play, “Phallacy” would be playing in New York City.  Anne O’Brien asked if the NY Chair would support the play.  Notices were sent to all members.  Tickets at $28 for the ACS members for the May 20th, 3 PM performance at the Cherry Lane Theatre were negotiated   Over 30 ACS-NY members attended the production.

Members of the New York Section supported the North Jersey 2007 Leo Hendrik Baekeland Award Symposium and Dinner  honoring Dr. John Rogers and his work in Nanoscience.  The presentation took place at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.